1939: A Nazi in steam-driven super-armor kidnaps the greatest scientists of North America. But when he kidnaps Allen Turner's uncle, Allan becomes the swashbuckling SKYMAN, a square-jawed, two-fisted adventurer who learns that one of his uncle's inventions could end the next great war before it begins.

Created by Vincent Sullivan (editor of Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #27, co-creator of the Golden Age Ghost Rider), Gardner Fox (Batman, The Flash, Hawkman, Starman, Adam Stranger, Dr. Strange, Justice Society of America, Red Wolf, Justice League of America, The Atom, more), and Ogden Whitney (Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Two-Gun Kid, NoMan, Herbie, etc.), this reads like watching a Saturday morning serial. The action comes fast and heavy and if you like strong female characters, you'll LOVE Fawn Carroll.

The Original Skyman Battles the Master of Steam

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  • Cover by PAT BOYETTE (The Phantom, Blackhawks, Bloodstone, Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim, Ghostly Tales, more) and with an introduction by comics writer/editor/historian ROY THOMAS (The Avengers, Conan, Daredevil, JSA, Captain Carrot, Dr. Strange, Thor, Fantastic Four, Sgt. Fury, Arak, Batman, Legion of Super-Heroes, Alter Ego Magazine, more).

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